Sarah Catherine First


PROJECT: Gentlemen, Please!”

I created this animated comedy film clip “Gentlemen, Please!” along with the “Artist Residency Residence” a whimsical white timber outline of a house, from which to work out of during my 3-month residency at Chantilly. The seed of the idea for the film came from observing my father’s intense love of Mozart, and the Amadeus movie. The film idea catalysed when I saw him hooning around town in his sun-roofed 1955 VW with Mozart blaring. I thought, “wow how wannabe gangster dad” and from there I began to connect the dots between Mozart, Rococo gentlemen and modern-day wannabe gangsters in their flamboyant fashion, opulent tastes, and often violent and misogynistic lifestyles. The title “Gentlemen, Please!” is a play on the Yao Ming meme “bitch, please.”

Chantilly was a calm and quiet studio to work from, where I made great connections with other animators and film producers. It also has fabulous views!


Kayle Whitham