Joe Toole

Joe Toole

PROJECT: “PROJECT: Mixed animation medium ‘short film’ projection”



I completed the first phase of production on this short film during my 3-month stay in the cute but somewhat fragile white frame of the artist in residence ‘house’ at Chantilly.

The idea was to use an exhibition space to display the film on a series of projectors around the space. The film would play out with my character moving through and interacting with each of the other animations and works. I definitely underestimated the amount of work needed for putting on an exhibition of this scope, and though I never really finished the project (and perhaps never will!) it was a really great experience to collaborate with other artists I admire and look up to.

Chantilly was a very peaceful and quiet working environment. It was really great getting to see what other artists were working on throughout my time there, and was a nice glimpse into the
professional freelance world.

Joe Toole is an animator living and working around Melbourne. Joe has experience working in
advertising as a motion graphics designer, film and TV as a character/creature animator and iOS games as a 3D artist. Available currently for freelance work he’d be more than happy to chat about whatever project you may have brewing.


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