Michael Beets


Tell us a little about yourself.  

My name is Michael Beets and I am a Film and Virtual Reality Director. I am currently working on a Virtual Reality experience that is coupled with a feature film titled 'The Unknown Patient. I have a little blog where I keep track of the stuff I learn as a director working in VR.

I have been at Chantilly for more than two years. After moving to Melbourne I was looking for a space that felt relaxed and had an eclectic mix of creative professionals. I've worked in shared spaces for over 10 years and I'd have to say this space really feels like a community, and we all feed on that social aspect. 

The CBD location of the studio is great, a bike along the river and I've here. The studio is also very affordable, in all my searching this was by far the most reasonable.

Has working in Chantilly inspired you to start a new project? 

The project I am currently working on has been entirely devised while at Chantilly. I am also very proud of Virtual Reality Documentary titled 'Jafri' that premiered at some great festivals around the world. That was also created during my time here at Chantilly.

Have you done any collaborations while at Chantilly? With people inside or outside of the studio?

I've worked with a couple of fellow filmmakers in the studio on commercial projects. Something that I love, is that we all kind if inspire one another through the projects we create.

How do you find your cohabiters? How do you find the facilities/amenities?

It has all the necessities that are important to get work done and feel comfortable and everybody respects each others space.

Q8: What are your favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinking spots close by to the studio?

Dukes coffee and this French Baguette place on Degraves.