Mark Harris

Mark Harris.jpg

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Mark, a freelance filmmaker and producer! I've just been working on the release of EMO: The Musical - an awesome Aussie feature film musical! I've been with Chantilly for nearly a year now, as part of working with Studio Bento - Lester Francois' production company. I work with them frequently, and being surrounded by other creatives in the heart of the city is a great way to do work!

How do you find your cohabiters at Chantilly and the facilities/amenities?

Everything's well provided for, and being in the heart of the city, all the food you want is a walk away!

What are your favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinking spots close by to the studio?

Centre Place - 6 Senses. Best coffee/croissant combo. Also check out the City Library cafe!