Luke Miller

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a game developer, at the moment I'm working on a detective game called "The Beat: A Glam Noir Adventure". It's all very dreamlike and noirish. On this one I'm trying out a bunch of new techniques - motion capture, photogrammetry and declarative programming.

I've been at Chantilly Studio for three years (three years already? What?!?). I had been working from home for a while but it was hard to keep motivated. For some people working from home works but not for me. I came to Chantilly for the working space but I've been staying because of the people. It's been a very supportive environment and every day I get inspired by what the others are creating. One of the great things about Chantilly is that is full of creative people. I've been lucky to work with some of the film makers, graphic designers, artists and photographers. They're all so good. One of the artists did a beautiful poster for my game and it's hanging on the wall next to me right now.

How do you find your cohabiters? How do you find the facilities/amenities?

The Nicholas Building is big old beautiful building with a secret behind each door. Chantilly's secret is how big and bright the space is. The kitchen area is pretty comfortable. Great views - I can see the river from my desk. It can get a bit cold in Winter so I bring a scarf and a heater.

What do you think of the location? Is it convenient for you? Is it convenient for your clients, friends, family or anyone who may visit you?How do you find the pricing of the space?

Chantilly is in a great location, every morning I walk from Fitzroy into the Nicholas Building and there's always something new to see. And at night the whole city is available. For the price it's very reasonable.

What are your favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinking spots close by to the studio?

I think the consensus in the building is that the French baguette place is beyond good. But I do have a favourite cafe down the street. And there's a tasty Korean place behind Swanston St that's good for lunch.

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