Dijana Risteska


Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Dijana and I am a wedding photographer Melbourne based. I also have a new website that I am working on that showcases my freelance portrait photography work and other creative work that is non wedding related.

How long have you been in the studio and why have you moved into the studio?

I've been at Chantilly for almost 10 months now. Previous to coming to the space, I was working from my little apartment for about 2 years. The main reason for moving into a co working space was to save my sanity, I started to go a little batty spending so much time alone at home, missing the social interaction of having colleagues and someone to chat to by the water cooler.

Have you had the chance to collaborate with other studio members?

Since starting at Chantilly studio I've had the opportunity to work with other creatives within the studio and expanding my portfolio. Recently I was able to work on some behind the scene stillsfor Studio Bento who was producing a pilot, and some promotional photography for Luke for his Escape from Pleasure Planet game.

Favourite/least favourite thing about the studio?

My favourite thing about the studio is being able to collab with others and bounce ideas off others when I have a creative block, as well as chatting to someone when I feel like procrastinating. I also love the private meeting room in the heart of Melbourne's CBD which is convenient for most of my clients.

Favourite eating/drinking spots around the area?

Oh, where do I start.
The French Baguettes on Degraves st are a must, Jungle Juice bagels, Mushroom burger at Arbory bar, OM vegetarian in Collin Quaters just to name a few of my weekly visits.