Submissions are now closed for the Chantilly Studio Artist in Residence program, a philanthropic initiative designed to provide artists with a supportive environment in which to complete a specific project in three months. Please watch this space for dates and information about our next residency.

Chantilly Studio is a studio collective of some 30 professional filmmakers, writers, journalists, animators and other creative professionals. The studio is non-profit and aims to provide a creative home to its members. The studio is friendly, supportive, collaborative and hard-working. We like to get things done and to make things happen.

The aim of the Artist Residency Program is to provide a supportive environment for outstanding artists to get inspired projects done and to have an impact on the world.  If you’re at the stage where you need a buzzing workspace to knuckle down and work intensively to finish a project you’re passionate about, this might be the place to do it.

To help you reach your goal, the residency program provides a rent-free studio space for a period of 3 months (there are four residencies offered per year, one at a time). Your project will be listed on our website along with its outcome. This is your commitment to yourself and the wider universe that you’ll complete your project during the residency. We’ll provide you the space to work on your project and all the tea and coffee you need. The rest is up to you!

The residency is available to filmmakers, writers, journalists, animators and similar artists, both local and international.  Whilst open to all appropriate project proposals, we are particularly interested in projects with a positive community focus, and those that deal with human rights and social justice concerns.



Chantilly is a great space though it doesn’t suit everyone and it certainly doesn’t suit every project. It’s an open-plan studio suited to desk-based creatives rather than those with a craft or performance focus.

What we’re offering is a platform on which to complete a project in the way of a desk in a creative, encouraging and professional environment. The benefit here goes both ways. We’re here to inspire you, and you’re here to inspire us! We want someone to come in and make this space their second home for three months. We want to see your project develop and for you to enjoy and take advantage of the social space. We’re in the process of refining the identity of Chantilly as a community and incorporated entity, rather than simply a work space. The residency initiative is part of that drive.

At the end of every residency we host a Show & Tell evening where we put on some food and drink and invite everyone to show what they’ve been working on. This is also the night when you will present your project! We keep it nice and casual so don’t stress too much. While we won’t set milestones for your project or hassle you too much, we may check in from time to time to make sure you’re on track. Three months sounds like a long time but it goes fast!

Along the way we would love you to share about your project being a part of the Chantilly Studio Artist in Residence through your social networks. Once your residency is done, you and your project will get a page on our website. Here you’ll get a chance to write about what you did and how you found your experience working with us.


Submissions will be judged primarily on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit of the proposed project.

  • Relevance to the purpose and character of Chantilly (that is to say: the promotion of filmmaking, writing, animation, journalism and related arts, particularly those with a concern for human rights and social justice).

  • Likelihood that the applicant can complete the project during the residency.